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It’s a multiverse of stories of romance, adventure, and heroism. It’s an inspiration to live out your own story as a hero. Find your story; live your story.

Praise for Castaways

“I LOVED this story. It was completely clean, and very entertaining. More than once, I had to force myself to put it down, usually only after having read it until later than one o'clock in the morning! It is, however, optimal for people between the ages of 12 and 16, and not all older "young adults" may find it quite as enjoyable as I did. I really enjoyed this book; it is a great book with good Christian values and a wonderfully captivating plot, and it is well worth the purchase!”

-S. Daisy

Praise for The Bachelor Missions

“This book had the feel of; "James Bond", "Mission Impossible", and "Men in Black". It doesn't matter that I actually never watched "James Bond" or "Mission Impossible", that is what I am going with. Anyone who is anyone, knows what those shows are, even if they never watched an episode.”

-Grace M. Morris, author of the Vergate series

Praise for Red as Blood

Red as Blood is a fun jaunt through the Wild West

coupled with all the trappings you want in a

fairytale . . . The setting was fresh and interesting.

A sweet, clean read.”

-Skye, author of Falling Snow


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