She's a noblewoman turned thief. He's the Sacred Prince. Neither recall being betrothed.

When Elspeth loses everything in one night for the crime of being born an elf, she wants vengeance. Forced to resort to banditry in order to survive, her forest becomes a safe haven for others dismissed by the Empire. But becoming the Bandit Queen isn't enough to compensate for the castle she lost; only the royal palace will do. To become the Empress, though, she first needs to save the Sacred Prince.

After a devastating decree, Prince Otello intends to put his empire to rights and make restitution. If that means taking on a false name to better investigate the crimes committed against the elves, so be it. Perhaps he can even locate the noblewoman who plagues his dreams like a lost memory. The last thing he anticipates, though, is the vexing maiden on the wrong side of the law and his own growing desire to rescue her from the clutches of the Bandit King.

A prophecy of destruction tore them apart. Now a vision of doom will unite them.

Welcome to Constantinium

All is not well in the Sanctified Empire where mortals and elves live together, tensions high. But the gysts are rising up . . .

Sometimes you have to steal a prince . . .

She's a noblewoman turned thief.
He's the Sacred Prince.
Neither recall being betrothed.

Special Edition Hardback

Snag the signed hardcover with under-the-jacket art, 2 art prints, 1 bookmark, and 1 quote sticker


Same story with a duet narration. Available wherever you listen.

Treason & Thievery

His throne was stolen from him.
The Bandit Queen will help reclaim it —
With the condition that he wed her.

"What an excellent answer from a future empress.”

If he weren’t the Sacred Prince, I’d laugh in his face. “A lovely thought, but—”

“Marry me."

From the Prologue


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