YA Series

The Howling Twenties Trilogy

She is hunted by a werewolf.
He kills monsters.
And lycanthropy is contagious.

The Howling Twenties Omnibus

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? The complete series is coming this Halloween with a new cover and bonus chapters.

The Ninja and Hunter Trilogy

She's the cop's daughter taking names.
He's the bad boy taking down bad guys.
Sometimes rivals make the best crimefighting partners.

The Castaways Trilogy

She's been a wallflower her whole life.
He only wants to protect her.
Will proximity and danger bring them together or tear them apart?

The Dystopian Takeover Trilogy

Brainwashed students.
Kidnapped superhumans.
One family to rule them all . . .

The Summers of Yesteryear Trilogy

She knows better than to trust anyone.
He wants his best friend back.
Together they will probably save the world. Most likely.

Clean YA Romance

Complete series of adventure, friendship, and humor available on KU


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