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Spider swarms— Wait, what?

The Peacemakers are an elite group of teenage spies in training. Ok, so they're not technically elite yet, but they're getting there. Unless you count saving the world a couple times totally counts. In which case, they are totally elite. These are their stories.

Ninja and Hunter are learning how to have a third superhuman on their team. Emily Rogers is just trying to survive her first mission as a spy. Violet and Alex have a picnic. Faith utterly breaks Tim's heart.

Follow the tales of your favorite teenage spies and superheroes along with bonus stories from a hero, a villain, and someone somewhere in-between . . .

All profit goes to charity (Exudos Road).

This Side of Heaven

A poetry collection with all proceeds going to Birthright to help families, mothers, and children in crisis.

Accidentally on the Run

The pilot of a multi-author series event.

Charity Anthologies.

The companion stories to the Agency Trap and the American Agenda support Human Coalition. And Tales from Parallel Worlds and Genie and Serena, PI support Polaris.


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