Kristian Clark has a whole new look.

New covers.

Same Kristian Clark.

Exclusive comic strip each book.

I thought I left my past as a special agent behind me. The government has other ideas. When the terrorist group that I specialize in flares up again, it’s time to get the team back together. There’s Garret, our muscle who I never really trusted in the first place. Robbie, the new guy and tech called in to replace my fallen friend. And Amelia, our team con and the love of my life . . . who is intent on converting me to her new religion.

Our first mission seems simple enough: find and steal a relic before the NEOs can use it for their own nefarious purposes. Only, it’s not simple because we’re not the only ones after it. Worse, there’s a rogue agent who calls herself Felicity who keeps getting involved in the messiest ways. Between her evening gowns, futuristic guns, and cryptic messages that say she knows more about me and my past than even I do, I know only one thing: I don’t trust her.

No matter what, though, I’ll complete my mission if only to thwart the NEOs. And this time, I’ll make sure all my agents get back to base safely. Even if it means having to kiss the wrong girl a time or two.

When did espionage get so complicated?

Coming soon to hardback.

Standard and special hardbacks both.

Kristian and Susan

Definition: Rivals who sometimes kiss.

Coming soon to audio.

Kristian is coming to a whole new dimension.

The Man on the Run

Three seasons. Eighteen episodes.

Romance. Comedy. Action.